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Redenbach Legal often recruits paralegals on a casual basis who are currently completing their law degree. These paralegals have the opportunity to work flexibly during the semester and exams and increase their work load over the breaks. Paralegals are highly valued members of the team and are provided with significant opportunities to apply themselves in a commercial environment.

At Redenbach Legal you will work closely with the solicitors of the firm and have the opportunity to learn from best in government, construction and property law in a supportive workplace. We are a young and diverse team that has an open and collaborative culture.

Paralegals are seen as more than just administrative assistants and carry out substantive legal work for real clients. As tasks may range from preparing briefs for barristers to attending client meetings, we expect our paralegals to be always on the ball, adaptable and open-minded to any challenge. You will be working with a diverse range of clients including NSW Councils and statutory authorities, as well as large commercial businesses including developers, professional sports clubs and entertainment venues in Sydney.

What do we look for?

Successful applicants will demonstrate an ability to work autonomously, efficiently and professionally. Applicants should have a keen eye for detail and exceptional communication skills. A strong academic record and extra-curricular experience will be highly valued. We admire dedication and commitment to the goals of the firm and are open to any candidate who can contribute to our collegial and team based environment.

Application Process

Interested applicants can apply by emailing their CV, a copy of a certified Academic Transcript and cover letter to

Recruitment Process

Short-listed candidates will be notified by email or verbally, where they will then be invited for a one on one interview with solictors of the firm.

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